Sustainable holidays:


Your vacation of two or three weeks can mean a whole lot for the well being of our planet, as a matter of fact equally much as your life of the rest of the year! We will give you an enjoyable holiday both for your heart and mind and for the rest of the planet 🙂

We have:

  • own production of solarpower (ca 14 000 kwh/year, around all we need)

  • in case of additional need of electricity only green electricity is bought

  • charging station (look here and search”Basebo”)

  • broken bulbs are always replaced by LED-lights

  • garbage sorting

  • ecological shampoo, hand cleaning and dishwashing

  • environmental friendly detergents

  • environmental painting

  • bicycles free of charge

  • fetching from the trainstation free of charge

We got the environmental price of Hultsfreds municipality in 2010. We have gone courses for sustainability at Swedish Welcome.